Monday, 18 May 2009

new release on Gruenrekorder

Marine Mammals and Fish of Lofoten and Vesterålen
Recorded by oceansounds / Norway Heike Vester
Gruen 066 Audio CD 54:48 min Digipack


01 Frans de Waard VITAL WEEKLY
Behind Oceansounds we find biologist Heike I. Vester, who is specialized in ‘bio-acoustics of marine animals’, following various studies in that direction. In the winter months 2003-2008 she studied Killer Whales in the northern Norway, and currently vocal behavior of killer whales. This is what is captured on this CD: the plain sounds of killer whales during post feeding, ‘echolocating male sperm whale’, the ‘harbour seal pup calling for its mother’, ‘basking shark and mackerels feeding on plankton’, ‘pilot whales resting in Vestfjord’ and such like. Its of course for an untrained, non-bio acoustic ear such as I have, but lots of these sound quite similar. I have not passed the test to be a biologist I guess. The high chirping sounds (which we may remember from John C. Lilly’s CD for Silent Records, here without any other instrument of course) is one that we are quite familiar with. It makes a nice musical sub aquatic trip this CD. It seems that pieces flow into eachother and tell us a story, but perhaps I am just doing my own interpretation. Very nice work, best enjoyed as ‘one piece’. (FdW)

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