Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Yannick Dauby - Fevrier (Cherry music)

Yannick Dauby - 'Fevrier' (Cherry music)

As an artist (whatever definition one applies to that term) the most difficult struggle is to not struggle- to simply create.

Gathering pace, the use of field recordings in music or as a presentation of pure sound is subject to the same pressures. However, somewhere between the endless stock of bland new age environmental recordings on the market and the plethora of releases showcasing artists who apply heavy, rough, unskilled hands to natural sounds, there are a few who’s subtle, imaginative approach to field recording is creating an art of lasting importance.
Following the outstanding ‘in drawing’ cd, Cherry have added another fine release to this small, select area.

Having said that, I confess that I struggled with the intense, almost brutal deluge that emerges from the thunder storm of the first (18 minute) track on ‘Fevrier’. The ferocity of sound seems designed to remind us of our inability to escape the power of nature. So, I suppose, Yannick has indeed succeeded in capturing the sound with its power intact.

The 5 tracks on this cd are all based around field recordings – some are obvious and some are more to do with the search for hidden sounds in our environment. Yannick is one of the few who can also apply various technical processes in order to ‘compose’ pieces from his recordings without the results sounding like electro-acoustic / phonographic garbage.

The combination of his respectful skills when using natural sound and Cherry music’s high level approach to the quality of their releases makes ‘Fevrier’ a fine addition to it’s catalogue.

review by Jez riley French

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