Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Marcus Obst - 'day in dwarfs capital'

Gr 072
53.50 min

'I am not a scientist, I am a dreamer. So one morning I awoke and got a field recording from a trip to dwarfs capital on tape. recorded 24.09.2005, in Froent Tor, DC'

"Froent Tor, population: 350, population total height: 1 metres…
Behind the ore mines in a landscape far far away, experienced travellers may find a place named Froent Tor, well-known not only for its indigenous woodcraft but also for its healing thermal springs. Doctor Weimar Zuckerbrot, regarded as one of the luminaries in the field of atopical healing and medical micropurification, recommended Froent Tor as one of the top health spas in his essential papers "Der Kurschatten als mathematisch-anthropologische Quisquilie" and "Why your skin now blisters".
In detail Doctor F├╝rchtegott Pelikan took some further examination of the city’s most mysterious place: the "Fichtnergrotten" – a grotto located in the woods of Froent Tor-Neuflyn (just a few steps nearby the local tannery Schlocke GmbH). Rumours say that the old dwarf-workers burried their first born turtles in the soil of that spot to reveal the powers of a native goddess called Gitte to give the population an increddible soft and tender skin but the ritual failed and the young turtles’ souls now roam in that grotto and can never go to rest. But all this is just empty talk: In fact the autochtonous echoes produced inside the place carry a massive amount of stimulating and healing sine waves.
All in all Froent Tor leads the pole position of international health spa-lists with good reasons. With this recording you can get a small glimpse of the magic the city has to offer. Have a nice trip and…get well soon!" M.O.