Tuesday, 29 September 2009

new release: Catherine Kontz - 'canvas'


. point engraved edition eg.p02

8cm cdr on printed art card in plastic sleeve. Limited edition.

1. T-Tree for piano solo (2008).
composed and performed by Catherine Kontz. (11:11)

2. Cahiers Trouvés for electric guitars and effects (2008).
composed by Catherine Kontz. Performed by Henri Växby. (9:24)

Both T-Tree and Cahiers Trouvés are part of a series of large-format ‘canvas-scores’ in which I explore different types of notation that leave the player a certain amount
of freedom and scope for spontaneity and creativity whilst keeping to the idiosyncratic
techniques and sounds of the instrument.

The score for T-Tree was a gift for my father on his 65th birthday.

Cahiers Trouvés was commissioned by Rational Rec and written for Henri Växby.“ (C.K.)

Recorded at Masters Lodge, London in June/July 2009.

Photo & design by JrF

Further details and images coming soon on this site & here
Richard Pinnell has also just reviewed this release here

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4 new releases

Jez riley French - '....the bright work' - hydrophone recordings

1) East Yorkshire waters: Thornwick Bay # 2

2) Czech waters: Dolni Pocernice lake

3) English waters: River Cherwell

4) Estonian waters: Mooste jarvi, Apnajarve, Palojarv & Vohandu river

recorded 2008 / 2009 with JrF hydrophones & others.


taiyo yuden cdr mounted on oversized photo card + additional photo card.

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a few copies of the 'as (urfaces)' cd & print set to accompany an exhibition of work completed during my time as artist in residence at Hull School of Art & Design are now available. There are only a handful of these left though.

details of the pieces included on the cd can be found by clicking here.


review from 'just outside' (Brian Olewnick):

'a more purely field recording-oriented release (though French bows or otherwise touches various surfaces on three of the six tracks). Here, one's reaction I find often depends "simply" on how intriguing one finds the given sound-field in play. Even there, you're almost compelled to give a deeper listen if, initially, you're not so fascinated; often there's more at hand than you thought. The one unenhanced cut that I immediately loved was the fourth, "as030", which features a motor of some kind (I think), it's strong, subtle and varies hugely within a narrow focus. The lengthy final track, the one on which bowing can most clearly be discerned, works pretty well also, a rich range of rubbing-induced groans....one can easily imagine wallowing it it with pleasure in an actual installation. It's a good disc....'


3inch split cd on 'compost & height':

Jez riley French - 'pelure # 6'

A composition of untreated field recordings capturing the seating fabric and floor surfaces of Peel Hall, Salford, prior to giving a performance there later the same day. I enjoy the simple pleasure of spending some time quietly exploring like this - listening to the audible silence of objects and environments that surround me. Recorded November 2008

Rob Curgenven - 'largo affettuso'

Field recordings + Transparence resonating dubplate (feedback, surface noise and room harmonics) performance recorded live at Extrapool, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 8th March, 2009 by Martin Luitenremixed and mastered at B52, Berlin, Germany, 12th & 13th March, 2009additional overdub - Fender guitar feedback, recorded 1st February, 2009 at the Cloud Factory, Amsterdam,

Limited edition of 50 copies mounted on wooden square.


Free MP3 & PDF download:

Jez riley French - 'four approaches to quietude - bruxelles, June 2009'

a limited 3inch photo card mounted version of this release is also available:

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Peter Maynard - 'stone house journals'

Peter Maynard - 'stone house journals'

(self released / field trip 1)

3inch cdr

The thing I like about Peter's field recordings is in thier raw state. On this release he mostly leaves out anything other than straight recordings of the environments around a group of stone houses in the Drome region of France. Towards the end of the single 22 min track there is a musical element, but according to the sleeve notes this too was something that was listened 'on location'. The flow of the track up to this point has a kind of natural sense of place & then takes a slight shift to one that seems less organic somehow.

For it's 22+ minutes this release contains an enjoyable, compressed audio journal of Peter's time on this trip to France & is worth tracking down. The recordings aren't polished up to the point of blandness & I find this adds to the spontaneous mood of the work.

If you want to get hold of this disc try Sound 323 or send me a message at tempjez@hotmail.com & i'll forward it to Peter.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Michael Pisaro - 'Only' (harmony series # 17)

Throughout the month of August 2009, a selection of artists and musicians were invited to perform Michael Pisaro's Harmony Series, a project initiated by Jason Brogan, and produced by Compost and Height. The documentation of Only [Harmony Series #17] can now be viewed/downloaded from www.compostandheight.com

Only [Harmony Series #17] Artists: Adam Sonderberg Barry Chabala Ben Owen Casey Anderson James Saunders Jason Brogan Jason Kahn Jez riley French Joseph Clayton Mills Julia Eckhardt Julia Holter Manfred Werder Michael Pisaro Patrick Farmer Richard Kamerman Rhodri Davies Ryan Jewell Sam Sfirri Sarah Hughes Steve Roden Vanessa Rossetto

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

site / Citation

Site/Citation is a daily audio journal dedicated to the "quotation" of local environments - usually urban, usually dominated by noise pollution. For the first 47 days (approx. 7 weeks) I used only the binaural mics attached to a PCM-D50 field recorder. My hope was to establish a blatant fabric of tones that were imminent everywhere - in rooms, on the streets - because the city is dominated by (because surrounded by) highways and busy avenues. In the next few weeks I'll be experimenting with a single RODE NTG-2 shotgun mic, using it to pick up particulars lost to room or ambient noise.

I edit minimally - mostly for dynamics, volume and equalization - in Sound Forge v. 9.0. I record religiously, scouting several locations throughout the day then listening and editing and posting in the evening. My goal is to sample 365 days a year (starting this August 3rd), listening to the autumn and winter die down, then wake again in a spring cacophony of aviary orgasm.

The files can be streamed or downloaded. I welcome comments and eMail (cacasama@towson.edu), and hope you'll sample my work and remix it.

As John Cage, Happy New Ears.