Friday, 29 May 2009

Moks residency journal (updated every couple of days)

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text: This trip to Estonia & Latvia was my first time in both countries. I was, as often, struck by how fortunate I am to be able to travel to different places & explore them.
Standing still
listening to the sound of telephone transmitter cables or of insects in the mirror surfaced forest lakes
I found empty architectural spaces to record - factories, barns, houses - each one with it's own unique audible silence
I pressed record a lot
I didn't press record a lot
I took photographs
I heard fallen tress, glass, paper, salt, stones, my own fingers echoing inside an empty oil storage tower
I presented my work at Y gallery in Tartu - the performance went ok.
I presented my work on Latvian radio - the performance went ok, though I was tired.
I presented my work at Goyia in Riga - the performance started with my stressed due to a problem with the projections, but soon the performance managed to draw me away from that & I think the performance went ok.
I spent time with Evelyn Muursepp & John Grzinich (MoKS, Estonia) - nice people. John performed at Goyia too - a set of recordings, sticks, bottle caps, wire & steel plate - accompanied by a small girl in the audience who sang sometimes, wandered up to watch John & stole the show....
Maxs Shentelevs (host in Riga) performed too....along with others and all were interesting (except for one set of standard laptop from someone I don't know)....playing to a good audience with a healthy mixture of male & female
Max arranged a trip to a disused power station in Riga....full of sounds and spaces....I found silences and old time cards / employee records
so, I think there will be a release when I have lived with the recordings for edition, with special paper items found on location....
John Grzinich has just posted some photo's & mp3's relating to the time I spent in Estonia on his site. They can be found here:
also, there is an article (in Latvian), some images & some sound clips soon about the visit to the powerplant in Riga here:

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