Saturday, 14 November 2009

I'm very pleased to announce a new release by Kiyoshi Mizutani - field recordings from Onoji, Japan.

Mizutani has released several fantastic works in his career including 'scenery of a border' (and/oar) & 'Yokosawa-iri' (cmr).

His work is always fascinating for it's simple ability to capture personal moments of exploration and progress through the environment in question & 'Onoji' is another great addition to his discography.

The simplicity and clarity of his journey through Onoji is not affected by his use of wind noise, an issue on which he states: 'Certainly, wind noise often ruins a recording. However, I occasionally feel it is effective.I will not reproduce the reality. It is greatly different from the actual sound and the sound recorded through the microphones. Moreover, it is different to hear the recorded sound, and to hear the sound actually. When considering it like that, there is no distinction between wind noise and other recorded sound. The wind noise is felt as one of the effects. How to feel it is different for each person. Moreover, it depends on ones feelings at that time. I leave it to the person who hears it'

highly limited edition taiyo-yuden cdr mounted on oversized art card + additional postcard. Shipping of this release will begin 1st week of November 2009 - it is likely to sell out very quickly so do please get your order in early if you want to make sure you get one.

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the following images were taken by Kiyoshi Mizutani in situ: