Sunday, 30 October 2011

Saturday, 22 October 2011

your 5 favourite sounds of 2011

every year the 'in place' blog invites folks to submit a list of their 5 favourite sounds heard during the past year - do send yours....

this year i'm also putting together an edition of 'a quiet position' based on recordings of these sounds (if you have them). The edition will be available as a free download / soundcloud player (the embed code will be available to all).

so, if you have a recording of one of your favourite sounds this year then do send it to me at: along with a short description & of course your full list of 5 sounds.

files should be in 44.1/16bit wav format if possible.


Friday, 21 October 2011

october 12th-15th 2011

was a cracking few days of interesting conversations, performances, meetings, music - sound, listening & the occasional chocolate sorbet !

the students from the bruxelles uni have put together sound impressions of each performance, with members of the audience offering comments:

& don't forget to listen / download the 90minute 'a quiet position' compilation featuring pieces from most of the participating artists

Sunday, 16 October 2011

James McDougall


Hiroki Sasajima

U08_front sleeve


CD ltd to 200 hand numbered copies
cover design+treatments by Daniel Crokaert/2011
based exclusively on photos by James McDougall & Hiroki Sasajima

release year




Out on October 17, 2011

“Sometimes, the impossible is a basket of new unlikely seeds – realizing the geographical difficulty of working in unison on the same site, we opted for using at least common geologic context, not knowing where this could lead us…

What could come indeed out of distance, sensory communion, a mutual love for depicting the relief of things, its tactility ?…perhaps as with the best abstraction, a fertilizing stream, something perhaps larger than what the initial elements could have implied…something surprising even to us…

Injya” is the encounter of our combined wanderings, and most probably the emergence of an imaginary entity powerful enough to engage us in a strange way…”(James McDougall/layout by Daniel Crokaert)


Saturday, 8 October 2011

an audio tour for the Slovak National Gallery
created by Jonathan Prior using JrF contact microphones & hydrophones

Friday, 7 October 2011

hydrophone tests - Lake from jetty by JezrileyFrench

I began selling my own make of hydrophones because, quite simply, I felt the range of products out there wasn’t that good considering the prices being charged. I don’t ‘compete’ with other manufacturers as my hydrophones are custom built by a field recordist for other folks interested in this area of sound exploration & my prices are designed to make this technology accessible to as many folks as possible. Over the years lots of people have asked me for advice when deciding which make of hydrophone to buy & i’ve always give un-biased advice based on whats available at the time. Since I launched the c-series hydrophones i’ve had lots of requests for comparison tests & my reason for doing this now is that, simply, people want to get the best value for their spend & I believe in the products I offer. So, here is the same lake, recorded on the same day with 3 different types of hydrophone - the recorder (Sound Devices 702) settings were identical on all sections.

(4 seconds silence between each sample)

first 2 minutes recorded with JrF c-series hydrophones (£60 per unit with 5metre cable - longer cables currently at £1 per metre extra)

second 2 minutes recorded with Aquarian audio hydrophones ($169 per unit with 3 metre cable)

third 2 minutes recorded with Dolphin Ear Pro hydrophones ($399 per unit with 10 metre cable)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

now available for free download due to huge demand - 'a quiet position - edition one' is available as a high quality .wav download for a limited time only - so grab it while you can....

a quiet position - edition one - field fest by a quiet position

field recording, in all its forms, has been through incredible creative growth in the last few decades & yet its essential power to engage us in the act & art of listening remains inextricably linked to its subtle simplicity, its ability to make us listen ever more closely to the world in which we move by making us stop for a time....

in October 2011 Field Fest, bruxelles (curated by european sound gallery, q-o2) brings together many artists /composers / musicians whose work involves various aspects of field recording....'a quiet position - edition one' is an online compilation offering you the chance to hear some small elements of that work. it should be noted however that much of the work in this area of music / sound is not ideal for listening via computer speakers so please do listen via headphones or other speakers. I hope you will find the pieces enjoyable, inspiring and thought provoking....thanks....jez riley french

'a quiet position - edition one: FIELD FEST' is now online for your free listening pleasure....

featuring work by jrf, annea lockwood, anne wellmer, mechaorga, eric la casa, els viaene, michael pisaro, manfred werder, peter cusack & more....

direct link:

link to pdf (artwork / track notes etc):

here also is a link to the main web page for 'a quiet position':