Friday, 30 October 2009

the in-place blog mp3 library

over the coming months there will a new on line libary of straight field recordings, the aim being two-fold:

1) to highlight some of the basic techniques for visitors to the blog who are faily new to the art of field recording

2) to showcase works by established & emerging artists

these files will be posted to a pre-dated post & links displayed in the 'mp3 files on in place' box in the right hand column of this blog.
already added are several extracts by myself (jez riley French):

new releases by Angus Carlyle & Simon Whetham

Simon Whetham - 'undercurrent'

capturing Simon's performance at the Grey Area Gallery, Brighton early in 2009, this limited cdr ep release showcases some his skillful live combining of his field recordings. A rich array of crackles, buzzes, groans & splatters dominate throughout. Only 50 copies available.

Angus Carlyle - 'some memories of bamboo'

Kami-Katsura is a small suburban district in Kyoto, Japan. Bounded to the east by residential and light industrial areas that run up to the Hozu River, to the west it is held in check by wooded slopes and valleys where the population falls away as the altitude gently climbs. For all the movement of people and vehicles, the district exudes a certain tranquillity which is reflected in the acoustic atmospheres from before dawn until after dusk.

Angus Carlyle spent three weeks over a period of two years walking up and down a parcel of land measuring 500 metres long and no more than 100 metres wide, looking, listening and recording. Although it was the inspiration behind his return to the Kami-Katsura district, he never quite managed to capture the striking sounds of a bamboo forest animated by wind that he had first heard on his visit in 2006.

Other acoustic events did make their way into his microphones: rain dripping into a cemetery watering-can; the heavy passage of the maroon trains of the Hankyu company gleaming north and south on the Arashiyama Line; the hubbub of one café and the more subdued mood of another; the river bubbling and sliding through the valley, birds and insects marking out the air with their noises; people wandering the forest trail or crossing the asphalt roads.

In “Some Memories of Bamboo”, these unprocessed recordings have been stitched together to evoke the heard life of Kami-Katsura, the district’s textures offered more colour through the short stories that accompany each track in the CD booklet.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

new Portuguese net label for field recordings

Green Field Recordings is a portuguese netlabel focusing mainly in pure field recordings.

Please visit them by clicking here.

they are currently looking for demos for the first few online releases.

Friday, 16 October 2009

John Grzinich - interview on EarRoom

the latest installment in Mark Peter wrights ongoing interview series is with John Grzinich - the acclaimed sound artist, who works extensively with field recordings & is based in Estonia.

do take a look by clicking here.

above images: 1) John & JrF in Riga, Latvia
2) John @ seeds & bridges, east yorkshire (photo by Ian Cleary)