Friday, 29 May 2009

John Grzinich - 'Phase inversion'

'Phase inversion' (mystery sea 51) is the latest disc from John Grzinich, currently resident in Estonia & part of the MoKS team.

Having just spent a few weeks in residence at MoKS & going on several field recording trips with John it's still a mystery to me what sounds are used on his releases. I can guess at extended tensioned wires & large plates of metal on scrap piles but the exact sources remain to be pondered.

Listening to this new release, a set of three intense pieces that fit in to but also expand on Mystery Seas penchant for drone based works, one is aware that this is field recording based work that seeks to be music in & of itself. I dare say, without reading the sleeve notes, most folks would believe the sounds to have been generated by other means. There's an impressive choice of source material on display.

Generally i'm not someone who always needs to know what object / process makes which sound but I have to admit that these pieces contain such seemlessly blended elements that I am left trying to work out what environmental sources i'm actually listening to.

Having spent some time with John & also witnessed a great live performance from him I have to say that if you're interested check this release out of course, but better still try to get to one of his workshops or concerts. The combination of experiencing all these aspects of his work leaves one wanting to know more.

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