Thursday, 16 April 2009

'autumn leaves' release wins award !

The “Autumn Leaves” download release has won the Qwartz Electronic Music prize for best compilation.

The initial selection from the 3500 submitted entries was made by a jury who considered the work on its acoustic merits alone (without the context of record label, artist, etc.). This selection was then put to a public vote and it came first!

Apparently the awards ceremony was a very glamorous affair at the Cirque d’Hiver in Paris. Lasse-Marc Riek from the record label Gruenrekorder, which co-directed the “Autumn Leaves” album, accepted the trophy.

for those of you who haven't yet discovered this great free release take a look here

Autumn Leaves is an audio compilation that emerges out of a collaboration between Gruenrekorder and Angus Carlyle. The inspiration for the compilation derived from the book "Autumn Leaves: Sound and the Environment in Artistic Practice" - published by Double Entendre - which Angus Carlyle edited and Gruenrekorder contributed to.The compilation presents an extremely wide-ranging exploration of the theme of sound and environment. You can hear everything from carefully crafted spoken word pieces, through compelling electro-acoustic compositions, to the purest forms of unedited and unsequenced phonography.

To immerse yourself in this compilation is to hear how others have heard the world and is a chance, perhaps, for you to hear your world in different ways.

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