Thursday, 28 May 2015

call for submissions:
a quiet position - road # 2
our field recording installation at last years 'End of the Road' festival was such a success that we’ve been invited back ! This year our adapted vintage jaguar will be installed in the woodland cinema area and filled with a whole range of new sounds & we're inviting submissions of mainly unprocessed* field recordings for inclusion.
(* some processing / editing / composition is ok but we're looking for works that can be easily identified as 'field recordings' with fr as their defining aspect rather than electroacoustic, drone or noise pieces)
Please send a link to your piece (for download), which should be in wav format & no longer than 10 minutes, to me via facebook. 
Please note: be self critical - please only send work if it has both quality and something that makes it stand out from the crowd so to speak. Whilst standard recordings of birds tweeting can be interesting we're really looking for recordings that either capture a wider soundscape (including birds !) or focus on a more diverse sound experience. 
we're particularly interested in recordings / pieces from female artists / recordists. Call that positive discrimination if you want - for us its a reflection on the quality of the content over the focus on the technology.
submissions need to be with us by July 1st please:
Jez & Pheobe