Friday, 23 May 2014

call for works
a quiet position | festival
summer 2014

I’ve been asked by 2 festivals to install work in their arts areas. Alongside several key pieces of my own i’m opening up this opportunity to other recordists / artists.
Work from earlier ‘a quiet position’ projects, ‘. point engraved’ releases and some specially commissioned pieces are already in place, however I am now looking for more pieces to be considered for the programme.
End Of The Road festival (august) was voted best festival in 2013 and has a very good arts areas, set in the woods near the garden stage. This years main festival line up includes Juana Molina, Radiophonic Workshop, Yo La Tengo, Marissa Nadler, Temples etc etc.
Beacons festival (august) is set in the yorkshire countryside just outside Skipton. This years line up inc. Daughter, The Fall, The Pains Of Being Young At Heart, Pins etc etc.
The ‘a quiet position’ installation will involve multiple speakers, however we are at present looking for stereo works - in wav format (16 / 44) - with field recording as a key element.
Please email with your ideas to:
tracks will need to be sent, via wetransfer or similar online service, by the beginning of August 2014.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Jez riley French - 'room tone'


available now

recordings of architectural acoustics, locales filtered through buildings

recorded with JrF contact microphones, geophones and conventional microphones

sections of the work were exhibited at Continuo Associazione Culturale gallery, Udine , Italy 

'room tone' comes amidst a sustained and intense period of creativity for Jez riley French....the subtlety, the fantastical attention to listening and bringing new aural experiences to his audience grows more and more obvious with each release'

'....just when you think JrF has opened your ears as wide as they can go, he reveals yet more'

'a simply stunning first I can hardly hear anything other than the low throb of the geophone recordings but, as with anything of value, the more I listen the more that is revealed, not least of which is the way the sounds sit alongside ones actual surroundings, as Jez intends, without even attempting to dominate them'