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Joda Clément

U09_front sleeve

"The Narrows"

CD ltd to 200 hand numbered copies
cover design+treatments by Daniel Crokaert/2011
based exclusively on photos by Carl Heindl &Joda Clément

release year




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Out on December 27, 2011

"When I was born, my family moved to a remote farm in north Ontario, known as 'Setle'. Situated in the woods, 'Setle' was without electrical power during much of our stay, so much of my father's work involved using power from a generator positioned 400 feet away, connected by a series of extension cords. By integrating sounds recorded from these and other remote locations, he created a form of 'environmental music' that expressed the beauty and solitude of the Canadian wildnerness. When we later moved the city, he would take me with him on recording missions, so as I got older field recording became like second nature. I record mostly in urban environments, but my appreciation for sound is deeply rooted in my formative years.

Following the release of The Cherry Beach Project (on Mystery Sea) I set out record a 'site-specific' piece as a follow-up, although I didn't have a particular location in mind. Without specific theme or purpose, time gradually eroded my initial intention for site specificity, as I gathered a tremendous archive of sound materials. Merging various threads into one mass, the construction of the piece seemed to take on a life of its own. As hundreds of sources blurred together to the point where I forget where many originate, I slowly came to look at the piece as a continuation of my father's idea of 'environmental music' - coloured by memories and impressions of those early years in north Ontario, yet re-imagined through the dense and shifting sound pallete of Toronto, where I live and work. (Joda Clément)


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

interesting new project by Martin Hogg - guide books to sounds of certain places:


This project came about during my residency in Umeå, Sweden, from late 2010 to early 2012. The initial idea developed from extensive field recordings taken during this period. This is the first in a set of publications designed to encourage exploration and develop deeper awareness of the soundscape around us, our acoustic environment, and our place within it.
‘Ecology is the study of the relationship between living organisms and their environment. Acoustic ecology is therefore the study of sounds in relationship to life and society. This cannot be accomplished by remaining in the laboratory. It can only be accomplished by considering on location the effects of the acoustic environment on the creatures living in it.’
(R. Murray Schafer - 'The Soundscape. Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of The World')
As a visitor to Umeå, I was able to approach this project with ‘new ears’. It is widely known that your ears are more aware and alert when you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment. With this in mind, the sonic sites selected for this first issue may not be the sites you may first have expected to encounter. This particular collection of Umeå's 'sonic sites' is by no means exhaustive, but merely the smallest tip of an enormous iceberg.
This publication strives to cover a number of different objectives. This book is designed firstly, as an alternative, sonic tourist guide. Focusing the ears with an aim to promote the delights of deeper listening, this publication is a 'sonic treasure hunt' of sorts, whilst simultaneously serving as an introduction to the art of 'sound hunting'. By default, it then becomes an opportunity to address some key concepts based within the field of acoustic ecology. It brings to light certain issues, and highlights responsibilities of ours, regarding our direct influence on the sonic environment.
The common denominator throughout this planned series of publications is, simply put, the act of listening.
This project is intended as an open project and so all future submissions are welcomed and will be considered for future issues.
An online database of ‘sonic sites’ will be made available on the website.
For further information on this, and other works by Martin Hogg:

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wildlife Sound Recording in Sweden
with Chris Watson & Jez riley French

A unique opportunity to spend several days recording the sounds of spring in Sweden in May with Chris Watson, a leading figure in the world of wildlife sound recording. Our base will be Ängskärsgården, a group of cabins in a remote location away from unwanted noises! Ängskärsgården is a couple of hours drive north of Stockholm. There is a wide range of different habitats and recording locations in the vicinity with lakes, forests and the ocean all near at hand. There is also a nature reserve nearby - Hållnäs.

We will have the entire Ängskärsgården base at our diposal for the four nights, with a chef and minibuses to allow us the greatest flexibility for recording trips. The range of habitats will enable us to experiment with surround sound techniques, hydrophones, contacts mics and the range of stereo and mono recordings. We will also have a surround sound system at our base for reviewing recordings and group discussions. It is expected that you will have some recording experience and your own equipment to bring (although we will have some extra gear with us that everyone is welcome to try).

Some of the many species we may encounter: Sea Eagle, Herring Gull, Black Tern, Turnstone, Grey-headed Woodpecker, Three-toed Woodpecker, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Red-backed Shrike, Montagu’s Harriers, Cormorants, Grey Herons, various Owls, Pool Frogs...


Day 1 (Thurs 10th May): Travel to Ängskärsgården, Sweden (for those travelling from the UK: British Airways London Heathrow plane BA778 departs 1130 and arrives Arlanda, Stockholm at 1500). Aim to arrive in Ängskärsgården by 6pm. Settle in, upack, meet the team and discuss the recording activities for the next few days.

Day 2: Recording activities

Day 3:
Recording activities

Day 4:
Recording activities

Day 5 (Mon 14th May):
Depart. Early brunch and pack to depart base approx 1130 (for those travelling to the UK: British Airways London Heathrow plane BA779 departs Arlanda at 1540 and arrives Heathrow at 1715)


Chris Watson - experienced sound recordist specialising in wildlife - Chris also runs courses in wildlife sound recording and post production at the BBC Natural History Unit, and lectures internationally on location sound and sound design. He has worked closely with two of the most high-profile natural history presenters in the business, David Attenborough and Bill Oddie. He is Oddie's favourite sound man and the TV veteran says of Watson: "I don't know anyone who is so intense yet so splendidly frivolous." Chris became a sound recordist in 1981 when he joined Tyne Tees Television and is now widely regarded as one of the most creative sound artists in the business. His recent credits include the hugely popular Springwatch and Autumnwatch, and he received the Wildlife Film Asia Award for the BBC's Galapagos: Born of Fire. Watson also creates for the radio, with credits includingSoundscape: The Sea Swallow, Watersong and The Estuary all for BBC Radio 4. See www.chriswatson.net

A selection of superb natural sound CDs by Chris Watson are now available from our Wildeye Shop atwww.wildeye.co.uk/chriswatson.html.

Jez riley French is a composer, artist & audio specialist whose output involves elements of intuitive composition, field recording (using conventional & extended methods) photographic images (including their use in photographic scores) and improvisation. He has performed, exhibited and had his work published widely across the world and also lectures in both field recording and intuitive composition as a guest lecturer. Recently he has been artist in residence at organisations in Japan, Korea, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic & the UK.
Jez also makes & sells his own hydrophones and contact mics (http://hydrophones.blogspot.com/) + runs the ‘in place’ project with a website exploring various aspects of field recording & related work. In recent years Jez has been working closely with specific architectural spaces, capturing a sense of place that is both highly personal and yet offers the audience a fascinating opportunity to look and listen anew to the environments in which we spend our time.http://jezrileyfrench.blogspot.com/

Piers Warren - Principal of Wildeye - Piers is well known throughout the wildlife film-making industry as the editor of Wildlife Film News and producer of wildlife-film.com, which he created in the 1990s. With a strong background in biology, education and conservation, he has had a lifelong passion for wildlife films and has a wide knowledge of natural history. He cut his teeth in the industry as a sound engineer and multi-media producer, running a studio for many years. He is one of the founders of the international organisation Filmmakers for Conservation and was Vice President for the first three years. Piers is the author of many magazine features and several books including Careers in Wildlife Film-making and Go Wild with Your Camcorder - How to Make Wildlife Films.

Travel Information

Visas: Please check if you need a visa to enter Sweden (holders of normal British 'European Community' passports do not need one).

Insurance: It is essential you take out comprehensive travel insurance. Whichever insurance you choose please ensure it provides adequate cover for both you personally and also for any equipment you may be bringing with you.

10-14 May 2012 - Fully booked but let us know if you'd lie to go on the reserve list

UK£595 (6,400SEK) plus travel to/from Ängskärsgården and international flight to Arlanda if required (which you book yourself)
. We can help with travel to/from Arlanda airport if required.

Includes activities, accommodation and full board (apart from expenses of personal nature like alcoholic beverages).

Bedding not included so bring your own (or it can be hired for £7 0r 7SEK).

Booking: If the home page shows that there are places available please complete the online application formand send in your deposit/fee as detailed.
Places are strictly limited so early booking is recommended.

Vertikale Skift | Terje Paulsen & Ákos Garai
GrDl 093 | Gruen Digital
MP3 & lossless FLAC

Vertikale Skift, composed by Terje Paulsen (Norway) and Ákos Garai (Hungary), guides the listener through a series of alluring sound environments, ranging from discretely layered drones that highlight upon faint listening spectrums into dense tapestries of sound divulging complex layers of sonic interplay. The environmental aspects assoicated with these recordings are quite evident, however, the content also reflects a definite sense of intent, as the compositions are further processed and arranged in such a manner whereby the result is an all-encompasing listening enviroment. With that said, there’s an inherent sense of momentum and dynamic to the recordings that comprise Vertikale Skift, making it one of the more unique sound-based release I’ve heard in some time and a release not to be missed!

Christopher McFall / May 2011

01 Skisse 8 (Paulsen) 4:42
02 Waterworks I (Garai) 3:57
03 Waterworks II (Garai) 5:33
04 Skisse 9 (Paulsen) 6:50
05 Skisse 10 (Paulsen) 6:11

06 Waterworks III (Garai) 9:06
07 Skisse 11 (Paulsen) 7:09
08 Skisse 12 (Paulsen) 3:30

09 Waterworks IV (Garai) 8:32

09 Tracks (55′34″)

Andrea Dancer -Michal Kindernay: Walking Sound

Andrea Dancer_e, Michal Kindernay_E Oct 29, 2011, 0:05 AM
na železničním mostu v Praze - Autor:Michal Kindernay
na železničním mostu v Praze
Autor: Michal Kindernay

In this work, a proposition is put forward to listening across time, space and the body. One can experience soundwalking, the practice of walking and listening, as lived experience -- but what happens when a live soundwalk event is re-conceptualized and recorded for radio after the fact? Is the sound itself not prefigured? In this way, Andrea Dancer and Michal Kindernay propose, and compose, to take sound for a walk across a day and place the listener (you) as the omniscient silent body.

The basis of this composition, Walking Sound, is a soundwalk event organized in Prague in the beginning of spring (April 6th, 2011), as part of the EBU Ars Acoustica conference. While the soundwalk included site specific deep listening opportunities and sound interventions by artists and musicians, Walking Sound peripherally traces these and other serendipitous sound events with a focus on the contemplative character of the environment and listening-centered passage through a day.

From pre-dawn to evening, step by step through the liminal spaces of Prague's Albertov and Smichov neighborhoods, this ambient day coalesces around resonances, oscillations, anamorphic perspectives -- and time and place are recessed in the meditative potential of both noise and quietude. In this instance, we invite you to hover and float and let the sounds do the walking: Walking Sound.

Soundwalk Design: Andrea Dancer and Michal Kindernay
Recordings of caterwauling, fan, Lukas Fütterer, Frank Bierlein (ZKM Karlsruhe), Michal Kindernay
Interventions: Kateřina Zochová and Michal Kindernay (radios) and Klára Doležálková
Accordionist: Kate Romain (Katrzyna)

Produced and composed by Michal Kindernay and Andrea Dancer

to listen / download

click here

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Wild Pages
The Wildlife Film-makers' Resource Guide 2012–13
Edited by Jason Peters and Piers Warren

Available as paperback, eBook or Kindle edition

An essential piece of kit!
All the best bits from a festival directory without the
expense of actually going to one, and much more!

  • A complete tool-kit of information for all wildlife film-makers – established and newcomers
  • Listings of wildlife production companies, footage libraries, distributors, broadcasters, location managers/fixers, film festivals, organisations, publications, freelancers and more, with contact details, weblinks and descriptions
  • Including answers to those all-important questions such as whether companies take people on work experience or consider co-productions, how to submit proposals etc.
  • Invaluable information at your fingertips to save hours of trawling through the Internet and sending many emails

Latest review soundbites:
Essential Resource
Its pages lead you to more doors than any other publication of its type
A must have for any wildlife filmmaker
Positively bursting at the spine with information
A fantastic, much-needed wildlife film resource
Highly recommended
Don't leave home without it!

"Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers Resource Guide'' © Wildeye 2011
978-1-905843-03-9 (paperback)
also available as an eBook and Kindle edition



Production Companies
Stock Footage
Location Managers/Fixers
Film Festivals
Equipment Hire/Sales


Director of Photography/Camera Operators
Sound Operators
Assistant Producers
Production Managers
Writers/Script Editors
Music Composers
Production Still Photographers

Further Reading

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new release

Jez riley French - 'resonances / residences'

two compositions for untreated field recordings & locale

'this is 'slow' music - its about listening, that delicate and overlooked aspect of our lives'

resonances di topolo

aquatic life in a stream | ants eating an apricot | balustrades (day) | balustrades (night)

recorded & composed as part of a residency at stazione di topolo, italy - july 2011

residences de lumiere

light supports along the hozugawa river | neon light in seoul | balustrades of the seoul tower | light supports along the hozugawa river

composed for the ‘lighthouse relay’ project, commissioned by folkstone fringe for the folkstone triennial 2011

recordings made on a concert tour of japan & during a residency at mullae art space, seoul, korea - june 2011


....if you so wish

the pieces on this cd can be listened to in the following manner

listen, at the quietest time of the day, with a window slightly open - the volume of the music resting alongside (but not above) that of the locale....

in this way,

each experience of listening is a new realisation of the scores


engraved glass egcd040

price options

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interview with JrF on the 'sonic terrain' website

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Saturday, 22 October 2011

your 5 favourite sounds of 2011

every year the 'in place' blog invites folks to submit a list of their 5 favourite sounds heard during the past year - do send yours....

this year i'm also putting together an edition of 'a quiet position' based on recordings of these sounds (if you have them). The edition will be available as a free download / soundcloud player (the embed code will be available to all).


so, if you have a recording of one of your favourite sounds this year then do send it to me at: tempjez@hotmail.com along with a short description & of course your full list of 5 sounds.

files should be in 44.1/16bit wav format if possible.


Friday, 21 October 2011

october 12th-15th 2011

was a cracking few days of interesting conversations, performances, meetings, music - sound, listening & the occasional chocolate sorbet !

the students from the bruxelles uni have put together sound impressions of each performance, with members of the audience offering comments:

& don't forget to listen / download the 90minute 'a quiet position' compilation featuring pieces from most of the participating artists

Sunday, 16 October 2011

James McDougall


Hiroki Sasajima

U08_front sleeve


CD ltd to 200 hand numbered copies
cover design+treatments by Daniel Crokaert/2011
based exclusively on photos by James McDougall & Hiroki Sasajima

release year




Out on October 17, 2011

“Sometimes, the impossible is a basket of new unlikely seeds – realizing the geographical difficulty of working in unison on the same site, we opted for using at least common geologic context, not knowing where this could lead us…

What could come indeed out of distance, sensory communion, a mutual love for depicting the relief of things, its tactility ?…perhaps as with the best abstraction, a fertilizing stream, something perhaps larger than what the initial elements could have implied…something surprising even to us…

Injya” is the encounter of our combined wanderings, and most probably the emergence of an imaginary entity powerful enough to engage us in a strange way…”(James McDougall/layout by Daniel Crokaert)


Saturday, 8 October 2011

an audio tour for the Slovak National Gallery
created by Jonathan Prior using JrF contact microphones & hydrophones

Friday, 7 October 2011

hydrophone tests - Lake from jetty by JezrileyFrench

I began selling my own make of hydrophones because, quite simply, I felt the range of products out there wasn’t that good considering the prices being charged. I don’t ‘compete’ with other manufacturers as my hydrophones are custom built by a field recordist for other folks interested in this area of sound exploration & my prices are designed to make this technology accessible to as many folks as possible. Over the years lots of people have asked me for advice when deciding which make of hydrophone to buy & i’ve always give un-biased advice based on whats available at the time. Since I launched the c-series hydrophones i’ve had lots of requests for comparison tests & my reason for doing this now is that, simply, people want to get the best value for their spend & I believe in the products I offer. So, here is the same lake, recorded on the same day with 3 different types of hydrophone - the recorder (Sound Devices 702) settings were identical on all sections.

(4 seconds silence between each sample)

first 2 minutes recorded with JrF c-series hydrophones (£60 per unit with 5metre cable - longer cables currently at £1 per metre extra)

second 2 minutes recorded with Aquarian audio hydrophones ($169 per unit with 3 metre cable)

third 2 minutes recorded with Dolphin Ear Pro hydrophones ($399 per unit with 10 metre cable)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

now available for free download due to huge demand - 'a quiet position - edition one' is available as a high quality .wav download for a limited time only - so grab it while you can....

a quiet position - edition one - field fest by a quiet position

field recording, in all its forms, has been through incredible creative growth in the last few decades & yet its essential power to engage us in the act & art of listening remains inextricably linked to its subtle simplicity, its ability to make us listen ever more closely to the world in which we move by making us stop for a time....

in October 2011 Field Fest, bruxelles (curated by european sound gallery, q-o2) brings together many artists /composers / musicians whose work involves various aspects of field recording....'a quiet position - edition one' is an online compilation offering you the chance to hear some small elements of that work. it should be noted however that much of the work in this area of music / sound is not ideal for listening via computer speakers so please do listen via headphones or other speakers. I hope you will find the pieces enjoyable, inspiring and thought provoking....thanks....jez riley french

'a quiet position - edition one: FIELD FEST' is now online for your free listening pleasure....

featuring work by jrf, annea lockwood, anne wellmer, mechaorga, eric la casa, els viaene, michael pisaro, manfred werder, peter cusack & more....

direct link:

link to pdf (artwork / track notes etc):

here also is a link to the main web page for 'a quiet position':

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new release on mystery sea


MS71_front sleeve

"something to ponder upon for a restless soul like you"

CD-R ltd to 100 numbered copies
artwork+design+treatments by Daniel Crokaert/2011
photo insert & source material by Natasha Shakhnes

track listing

1. for a restless soul like you
2. brighter
3. kings real and imaginary
4. well c'mon, it's just snow
5. something to ponder upon



Thursday, 22 September 2011

interesting online journal on audio culture - issue one online now:

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Thursday, 8 September 2011

some nice recordings of natural environments by Finnish recordist Hannu Jannes can be heard on his soundcloud profile

& at
click on the species you'd like to see / hear from the list in the left hand column

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

some interesting free downloads for those wishing to experiment with ambisonic recording & editing techniques:

firstly, it's worth visiting Daniel Courville's website & downloading his free software plus taking a look at the various articles & papers on ambisonic techniques he has made available.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Hochschule für Musik Winterthur Zürich and the Swiss Center for Computer Music a set of Ambisonic VST plugins have been written by Dave Malham and Ambrose Field from the Department of Music, University of York. England. They have been placed in the public domain as a service to the musical community in general, and electroacoustic musicians in particular, with two conditions;
  1. All rights in the software reside with the sponsors. You may use the software, without charge to you, for any reasonable and legal purpose. You may also redistribute it but you may not sell it or charge for it (except for a materials charge). You must inform users of its source and acknowledge its use.

  2. Although all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that this software is fit for use and in no way infringes any rights, copyrights or laws, by downloading it you accept full responsibility for all consequences, losses or outcomes however caused. You thereby absolve the sponsoring organisations and the code authors of all liabilities.
Currently there are two plugins available in the Swiss Center range;
  • B-pan Ambisonic Encoder

  • B-dec High resolution First Order Ambisonic B-format decoder

These are new versions, as of May 2005, with several bug fixs and internal extensions to improve handling of Nuendo 2 problems. They have been tested in Nuendo 2 on PC, in the latest beta version of AudioMulch on the PC, in Plogue Bidule and Tracktion on the PCand Mac (OSX) and in Max/MSP on the Mac.

Mac Users

Please note that there have been reports of problems with earlier versions of the plugins on the German language versions of OS9, the International and American versions seem more stable. However, we are no longer supporting OS9 and there will be no further builds for this platform, only for OSX.

More VST Ambisonic packages

are available from York University's Department of Music Music Technology group at;

York Ambisonic VST Plugins

VST Plugin code

The code for the gui-less version of BPan can be downloaded from this site. This code is released by permission of the Hochschule für Musik Winterthur, Zürich in an effort to increase the utilisation of Ambisonics within the community of electroacoustic musicians. The code is released under the standard GNU General Public licence for general use.

Last updated on Sunday June 18th, 2006 (removal of bug report form due to Spam problem)

Learn more about Ambisonics