Friday, 29 May 2009

Lee Patterson - 'Seven vignettes'

Lee Patterson - 'Seven vignettes' (sha07)

It's fair to say that a full length solo cd from Lee Patterson has been eagerly awaited by many.

1) 'Nine lucifers' - built from recordings of nine match burns

2) 'Springworks # 3' - a further example of Lee's work with small springs attached to his self-built contact mic'd springplate

3) 'Three hazelnuts burn' - Lee is well known for burning nuts & seeds - attached to specially adapted contact mics - & this track captures this side of his work to full effect

4) 'Butane, first movement' - close mic'd recordings of discarded lighters as they discharge thier contents & the sound of Lee's self-built Springrod instrument, played with an e-bow

5) 'From Formby Point to Gent' - combines sounds extracted from a large pinecone & contact mic recordings of a kettle & heating pipes

6) 'Butane, second movement'

7) 'Plateau # 1' - this last track comes close to Lee's live current live set-up: electric toothbrushes, Andrews liver salts in water filled wineglasses, springrods, springplate and amplified cd players alongside a recording of the studio's central heating system.

it can be obtained by sending an email to the labels owner, film maker & artist Luke Fowler at:

or by contacting:
sound 323

Most of those visiting this blog will be well aware of Lee's work already - whether you are or not I strongly suggest you take a look at this interview will Lee for Bagatellen here Lee has also been interviewed for the May edition of The Wire magazine. His work is always interesting (a better word would be 'good' !) & he's a nice chap too.
Lee can be found on the following discs:

Heatworks (with Ben Gwilliam) on New Acoustical Pleasures

live at Seeds & Bridges (with myself) - on engraved galss

Bouy (with Paul Vogel & Phil Durrant) - on Cathnor

for Hugh Davies (with Mark Wastell, Adam Bohman & Hugh Davies) - on Another Timbre

Springwork # 1 (split release with Alfredo Costa Monteiro) on Compost & Height

Terrain (with Graham Halliwell) on Confront
& his first full solo cd just released: 'Seven vignettes' on shadazz

& he also crops up on a few compilations & download only releases

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