Tuesday, 29 April 2008

recording diary - April

most of March & April has been taken up with researching & testing some new recording equipment. Now, I have to say that my approach has always been simple is best - I'm not really that interested in taking hours to set up before I press record. However for 'in place' I really wanted to capture the audible silence of various buildings & so the time came to think about getting some nice microphones that would allow me to fully explore...Rode mics came out as amongst the best - in terms of build quality, low self noise levels & are reasonably priced too.

I've always taken my time when it comes to buying new bits of equipment, preferring to make the most of each item that I aquire rather than always rushing to get the newest, latest bit of kit. So a few months ago I started to feel that I wanted to explore further than the minidisc recorders I mainly use (& will continue to use - there's nothing like them for ease of use & always having in your pocket). So, after much advice, research & listening Sound Devices seemed the way to go - again thier build quality was a major factor, along with quiet pre-amps & a range of options that should keep me busy for the quite a while !

So, now it's down to hours of fascinating reading of manuals & trying to get my head around having to know what i'm doing with this new set-up - always has to be done, but I look forward to the day when I can be as intuitive with this equipment as I feel I need to always be...

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Anonymous said...

In a sort while Sonosax is coming with a new recorder. The preamps in this recoder are said to be much cleaner.