Sunday, 6 April 2008

Julien Skrobek - temporal windows

Temporal Windows

When I was studying to become a teacher, a doctor came to tell us about the best way to help our future students learn. The question was: why are so many students unable to learn even among those who spend a great amount of time over their books ?

The doctor's answer was: because they let the temporal window opened by the teacher close before they open another one.

When you are given information, its memory fades until you kick in the same information again, and thus reinforce the initial information. The overlap of memory is where the consolidation takes place, and consolidation allows the student to take things further.

I could not refrain from making an analogy with sounds, and this analogy led me to many questions which I have just started to tackle:

-if I hear a note of music, when do I need to hear the next one in order to be able to build upon its trace ?
-If I play with very little overlap between the memory of the sound, is it "music" ?
-is the memory of sound another sound ?

Julien Skrobek

Paris 04.06.08

Julien has a cd available through the freesoftware series - 'Le palais transparent' & also a download release on desetxea - 'Membra disjecta'

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