Tuesday, 1 April 2008

the music of places....

I wanted to briefly clarify that this blog is not about the science or theory that explores the relationship between space & sound. That is best left to others whose interest is in the discussion of theory and the measurement of sound.

My starting point stems from a long standing, joyous and explorative approach to listening to the spaces I find myself in & the emotive aspect of that 'music'.

The relationship between architecture and ambient sound is indeed fascinating and an area that is generating some very interesting research, however I am concerned here with how we can imagine music and, for me at least, the process of listening to sound in a musical manner offers a rich and rewarding range of experiences. Any theory that stems from that is of course valid and valuable, but the intention of the 'in place....' project is to retain that initial and emotive response.

I find increasingly that the pure sound, the pure music of environments is somewhat becoming lost under the weight of the scientific approaches applied and in some circles is being taken hostage by the term 'sound art'. The problem with that being that that term comes with a history and a whole suitcase full of definitions, anti-definitions, structures & non-structures. Each piece of 'sound art' exploring this area stands on by it's own merits of course, however I believe that we have to be careful not to lose the simple and equally important, equally artistic experience of listening, recording and drawing inspiration from the un-defined, un-catagorized act of opening our ears & of hearing music.

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