Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Francisco Lopez - 'Wind (Patagonia)' (and/oar)

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There's a branch of field recordists who's interest is in recording the sound of nature. That's great, except very few seem to approach this area without blinkers. Many regard the sound of 'nature' mainly as the sound of living things and water & most will gladly discuss for hours the problems of wind noise. For these folks 'wind' is something to be avoided, to be prevented & not part of the sound of nature. That argument doesn't hold up - it is more to do with thier wish to control the environments they record.

On this release (part of Francisco's trilogy of the Americas) the entire composition is made up of untreated recordings of wind across the plains of Pategonia. Here we have a true sound of nature. One that we can't control & one that, given the view of it as a problem for sound recording for so long, has retained it's sense of power and natural complexity.

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