Tuesday, 29 September 2009

new release: Catherine Kontz - 'canvas'


. point engraved edition eg.p02

8cm cdr on printed art card in plastic sleeve. Limited edition.

1. T-Tree for piano solo (2008).
composed and performed by Catherine Kontz. (11:11)

2. Cahiers Trouvés for electric guitars and effects (2008).
composed by Catherine Kontz. Performed by Henri Växby. (9:24)

Both T-Tree and Cahiers Trouvés are part of a series of large-format ‘canvas-scores’ in which I explore different types of notation that leave the player a certain amount
of freedom and scope for spontaneity and creativity whilst keeping to the idiosyncratic
techniques and sounds of the instrument.

The score for T-Tree was a gift for my father on his 65th birthday.

Cahiers Trouvés was commissioned by Rational Rec and written for Henri Växby.“ (C.K.)

Recorded at Masters Lodge, London in June/July 2009.

Photo & design by JrF

Further details and images coming soon on this site & here
Richard Pinnell has also just reviewed this release here

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