Thursday, 16 April 2009

wildlife sound recording courses with Chris Watson

Piers Warren runs an interesting series of workshops / courses for budding field recordists interested in wildlife recording (& also courses on specific film applications) - led by Piers himself & Chris Watson. Forthcoming courses:

. Wildlife Sound Recording (UK) 30 Nov - 2 Dec 2009 - places available
. Wildlife Sound Recording (UK) 2-4 Dec 2009 - places available

The importance of the sound track and the role of the sound recordist is often over-looked in the production of wildlife films. The successful recording of wildlife sound, and creation of the film's sound track is a crucial and major part of the creative process. With new digital equipment available for recording and editing sound it requires skill and experience to do the job justice.

This two-day course aims to teach you the skills necessary and give you hands-on experience with some of the latest equipment. The course is suitable for aspiring wildlife film-makers, camera operators, camera assistants, producers and sound recordists.
It is taught by Chris Watson, one of the world's top wildlife sound specialists who regularly works for the BBC.

Piers Warren - Wildeye

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