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your favourite sounds heard in 2011

it's that time of the year again - do send in your list of 5 favourite sounds you've heard during 2011.

email your lists to: tempjez@hotmail.com

here are my choices to get things started:

1. Pheobe, my daughter singing to herself - heard from the kitchen.

2. the daily sound of stillness at home - just one simple, comforting aspect of 'home'.

3. metal light support along the Hozugawa river, Kyoto, Japan - heard via JrF c-series contact mics.

4. ants eating an apricot, Topolo, Italy - heard via JrF strung contact mics.

5. the sound of stillness at arashiyama temple, Kyoto, Japan.


from Sophia Dawson

1. spring rain dripping off the large beech tree outside our kitchen onto the corrugated iron roof – best heard while standing at the sink with eyes closed (not washing up)

2. the raucous clatter of magpies - a pair nest near our home – heard upon waking - most mornings this summer

3. the spiralling echo of Simon and my voices - sound becoming space, one dissolving into the other – sitting in James Turrell’s Deer Shelter at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

4. the sound of air banging in the central heating pipes – heard frequently this winter

5. the wind roaring in my ears on Christmas Day - Holkham Beach, Norfolk


from Yiorgis Sakellariou:

1. Lousios river, Peloponnese - Greece

2. Dresden train station - Germany

3. Factory sounds echoing all over Klaipeda city - Lithuania

4. Wind and waves at Nida - Lithuania

5. An intense storm in Athens - Greece



from Des Coulam (Soundlandscapes)

I recorded these sounds at the outdoor part of the Aligre market close to Bastille. It's always a lively place!

2. Metro Line 5 - Quai de la Rapee:
This is the sound of Metro trains entering and leaving Quai de la Rapee station. The sounds are significant because they are shortly to disappear as Metro Line 5 becomes equipped with swanky new trains.

3. Laughter in the Beaubourg:
These sounds were recorded in the Beaubourg just behind the Pompidou Centre. They are the sounds of the crowd responding to a performance by a mime artist.

4. A Chinese Violin:
Another sound from the Beaubourg, this time a chinese violin or an Urhu.

5. Cite Veron:
This is my personal sound of the year. I came across it completely by chance in Cite Veron in the 18th arrondissement. It 's the sound of a full blown ballet class through an open window.


from Cheryl Tipp (British Library Sound Archive)

1. Raindrops falling against my bedroom window during the night.

2. The absolute silence of a snow-covered mountain in Norway.

3. Hearing my friend's little boy, Ethan, laugh for the first time.

4. The beautiful Hymns featured on Mark Peter Wright's 'Where Once We Walked.'http://mpwright.wordpress.com/2011/09/03/where-once-we-walked-performance-cd/

5. Patrick Franke's 'Cave Under Ice' recording.http://soundcloud.com/singwarte-media/10-12-27-hoehle-unter-eis


from Chris Whitehead:

The quiet crackle of drying seaweed on the banks of Loch Greshornish, Skye.
A hawthorn hedge creaking in the winter winds at Ravenscar, North Yorkshire.
A moth flapping it's wings against the canvas of our tent, attracted by the light inside, Glencoe, Scotland.
The sound of an Alka Seltzer tablet dissolving in a glass of water.
Beverley Minster.


from Greg Hooper (
1. Wedgie snoring – as our dog gets older he gets more and more
grandpa like, from nodding off in front of the TV to snoring when he

2. creaking floors at Kangarilla – recorded in a beautiful cottage in
Kangarilla South Australia – there were a lot of great sounds from the
floors and doors, as well as an old pedal organ that I recorded in

3. Angus bath noises – an old recording that I recovered to make my
son a present of sounds from his childhood. Here Angus plays a tube
into the bath, when he was probably about 9 years old or maybe younger

4. flood mud – we had some spectacular floods in Brisbane at the
beginning of the year – we are close the river, but were about 3
houses away from getting flooded. Here is the sound of walkiing in
some flood mud

5. turkey – goreme balloon flight – Had a wonderful holiday with my
son to Turkey. This is some sounds from up in a hot air balloon over
Goreme in Cappadocia

greg hooper
from Joe Stevens:

1. still my top fav sound - the sound of families on the beach; people talking, kids screaming and laughing, waves lapping, seagulls screeching. Heard on Weymouth & other beaches over summer

2. the tink tink tink of sailing boat masts blowing in the wind against the mast, while the boats bob up & down in Weymouth & in Portland harbour.

3. early Sunday morning in my back garden, sound of town waking up. Mixture of wildlife and human interventions.

4. Sat on beach with old bi-plane flying overhead on carnival day, while surrounded by sounds of announcer on tannoy, sea, children, and the crunching of people walking by on the stony beach.

5. a test i underwent called EMG (electromyography), where they used fine needles around my eye to test muscle function. in a way it sounds abit similar to contact mics. & i could control the sounds by moving my eyelid and scrunching my eye up.
from Steven Brown:
  1. The sound of torrential rain hitting the cobbled streets of Prague Old Town, an early summer storm filling the air with mystery and untold secrets.

  2. The noise as a plane powerfully brakes after landing. Safely home again after another long journey.

  3. Sounds of Line 5 at Quai de la Rapée (from the wonderful Soundlandscapes Blog, thanks Des) - http://soundlandscapes.wordpress.com/2011/11/

  4. The sound of the Barrel Organ I recorded in Helsinki - http://listenhear.podbean.com/2011/04/27/helsinki-barrel-organ/

  5. Melting snow, early spring in New England.


from John Grzinich:

Some sonic highlights from 2011 in chronological order. I hope 2012
brings more gems like this.

1. Empty Quelle building of the Muggenhof in Nuremburg, April
2. Lone Tangmalm's Owl eastern Estonian forest, during the MoKS nature
sound recording workshop last May
3. Charlemagne Palestine performance in Niguliste church during Tuned
City Tallinn, July
4. Slap echos under the Krieau U-Bahn station in Vienna, August
5. Moose call, Nida Lithuania in December



from Gianni Pavan:
. Airport, waiting for my plane: the noise of an automatic food distributor moving bottles up and down according to user choices.

Valnontey, Italy: a very quiet day, listening to the noise of running water after a strong rain.

Cansiglio Forest, Alps, Italy: cold foggy night, moonlight, tens of red deers around, fighting, roaring and rutting in the breeding season.... Listen on SoundCloud (cibra).
Monastery de la Verne, close to Toulon, France: chants and prayers (recorded with iPhone, enough to "fix" the emotion).

Pennington Station, London: the rumble of several diesel engines, moving around to listen to their interferences and beating.

Centro Interdisciplinare di Bioacustica e Ricerche Ambientali
Università degli Studi di Pavia
Via Taramelli 24, 27100 Pavia

from Mykel Boyd:

In no particular order............

My cat making cat sounds while she dreams.

My daughters harmonizing on christmas songs.

My girlfriend saying "I made you coffee".

The wind in the trees on a hot summer day while recording at Edgar
Cayce's grave in Hopkinsville, Ky.

The electric hum from the street lights about a half block from my
house, usually the starting point for our evening walks.

from Flavien Gillié

3 are mine

Pont de Jons, under the bridge
Swirl, a duck taking off at 3 minutes

Brussels, Bozar, Air Conditionning system in a museum room, drone in art..

Trapani, Via Cristoforo Colombo, Fish market

1 from Peter Cusack
Symphony of Groans, Spreepark abandonned fun fair
Ghosts in the former East Berlin fun fair now derelict and overgrown. The magnificent and colourful big wheel is turning. How I don know - maybe wind, maybe a test of old machinery. The whole ground is private and enclosed but there are inviting holes in the fencing

1 from Martin Hogg :
Sirens test. Emergency horns testing takes place every three months in the city on the first Monday of the month at 3pm.


from Daniel Crokaert
(Mystery Sea & Unfathomless label curator)

  • the vibes and tones emitted by a spiraling metal staircase in an old watchtower in Bad Wildungen (Germany)
  • the sniffing of wild boars on the soil in a national park in Kellerwald (Germany)
  • wind in the leaves on a treetopwalk in Kellerwald-Edersee (Germany)
  • a malfunctioning neon light near the changing room at my workplace
  • the varied crackles of the charcoal on my barbecue

from Eric Leonardson:
  1. heard while walking outdoors in Chicago, metallic ping of the ice cracking at the edge of the park's lagoon when my dog stepped on it

  2. flute tones from wind blowing over the holes on a metal stop sign post in Chicago

  3. wonderful, rolling click sounds as the pebbles on the beach are lifted up in the waves and drop down as the waves recede, in Palaiokastritsa, Corfu, Greece

  4. year-round in Chicago, the many different of the freight trains, particularly the polyphony of squealing tones from brakes of boxcars and the distant horns that reverberate across the neighborhood

  5. flock of honking Canada Geese flying overhead, heard in Chicago and vicinity


from Luis Antero (green field recordings):
1. the sound of ants in Piódão village (Portugal) (recorded with Jez-Riley contact mic)
2. the sound of ants in Chão Sobral village (Portugal) (recorded with Jez-Riley contact mic)
3. the sounds from sudwest Portugal in summer

4. the sound of cicadas and cane toads from Australia (recorded by Jay-Dea Lopez -

5. the sound of my twin kids in bath mixed with "braguesa" guitar
from Chad Clark (Chicago)

  • dawn chorus over Lake Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
  • summer night drones emanating from the last vestiges of Chicago’s A. Finkl & Sons steel mill industry
  • public debate being brought back into the streets
  • Pittsburgh, PA - Mattress Factory's urban garden
  • Pokagon State Park, IN - twin-track toboggan run

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