Friday, 27 January 2012

a quiet position: traced edition

an online exhibition

the act of field recording, for many, extends beyond the audible results. Notebooks are kept by some, photographs of locations are taken by others. I myself spend most of my time listening & the occasional physical results are in the form of sketches, photographs, diary entries & sometimes an object or two from the locations themselves.

There is a greater understanding for the act of listening - a closer relationship with the sound of an environment rather than a more passive, casual one. The process of ‘recording’ is not limited to analogue or digital sound relics, but reflects a much wider, richer interest in the exploration of both place & sensory experience.

for this online edition of ‘a quiet position’ I would like to ask you to send in one or two scans or photographs of any notebooks, diaries, sketches or other images you have made whilst field recording or listening. To clarify, these should not be finished works of art made at the same time, such as paintings etc. but rather the simple records we make for ourselves - to record our time & activities in the places.

please email your submissions to: along with your name, location & any web link you might like to be also included alongside your submission.

thanks - JrF

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