Friday, 14 May 2010

U03 | nicholas szczepanik & juan josé calarco

CD ltd to 250 copies Cover design and treatments by Daniel Crokaert - Based exclusively on photos by nicholas szczepanik and juan josé calarco

track listing

1. evacuating somewhere to nowhere mp3 excerpt
2. through a reminiscent reagent
3. altered perceptions of past experiences


Lack affix isn’t so much about one particular location as it is an homage to the memories of the places we can’t vividly remember. This is about the imagery conjured when certain senses are triggered. It’s about our mind’s recreations of memories past; at once familiar, but also different in some inexplicable way. (Nicholas Szczepanik)
Washington DC


Since a couple of years I’ve been living in different areas very far from the centre of the city and for Lack Affix I tried to capture this particular feeling I used to get during the nights by the time I lived at the most overcrowded districts; those extremely distant-blurred sounds of night activities as trucks delivering boxes, police helicopters, construction sites working on full hours, gas stations filled with taxis coming and going but mostly that undefinable, abyssal texture of a huge city at very late hours.
As Nicholas was sending me his re-works on my raw stuff and his own recordings for me to work on, we went more into this direction. So, I focused even more on recordings from the same streets and specially from terraces and inside subway entrances to reconstruct the sounds as I used to hear them those times ago; hopefully, even to recover some peaceful sensation I’ve never felt again so far, no idea if related with the dulling sound of those crowded districts or not.
(Juan José Calarco)
Buenos Aires, Argentina



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