Friday, 14 May 2010

Hiroki Sasajima "Nille"

Tokyo sound artist Hiroki Sasajima has recently been marking his own territory into field recordings.
From his early close contacts with mesmeric forms of ambient music, he has quickly veered towards a much more daring & fully grown sound assemblage where substrates of discreet & substantive drones serve as spine to astoundingly enhanced & almost prehensile processed field recordings...simultaneously these give out an extraordinary zen imbued concision & purity...
Hiroki has undoubtedly an acute ear for sonic details & striking microtextures, managing to interiorize with a natural grace precise portions of his immediate experienced environment...
After various contributions to netlabels on the cutting edge (Mandorla, Ripples, Q-Tone, Impulsive Habitat...) and first physical releases
("Renz" on Q-Tone, & "Monogenic" on SRA...),
Hiroki is now very much in demand, and assured to extend his explorations alongside many yet unpaved roads...
There at the birth of his undeniable talent, Mystery Sea is VERY thrilled to present you his engulfing specific opus "

Rubbing of surfaces, minute frictions
in open spaces, cavities, corners, somber alleys & backyards...
Nille" fathoms elements in search of their inner memory,
listening to their own voice,
breathing new life to small debris or vegetal remains...

Sustained by primordial hums,
Nille" dissects and restores,
each noise becoming a receptacle, a refuge,
a lodge for ambered moments & atoms in motion...

Gazing at everything outside,
Nille" ingests literally the landscape
picking up its most intimate flux,
the sublimated in the apparent well-known...

"Nille" merges with its surroundings and every object,
and from a single animistic reflection in a neglected pool,
it can stir you up to unsuspected, elating interaction...

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