Sunday, 14 June 2009

unnamed music festival & wedding ceremony

so, last night I performed as a duet with Patrick Farmer at the last night of the unnamed music festival (thanks to Simon Reynell of Another Timbre for arranging these events). After our distinctly fractured set Keith Rowe, Martin Kuchen & Seymour Wright took to the stage. Now, I'm sure I enjoyed their set but my memory remains fixed on the last 5 minutes before the applause. The sounds made by the trio on their instruments had ended & there was the usual couple of minutes silence of course - but as it went on the three players started, quietly to pack away their small objects - the sound of the room, the speaker hum & these tiny un self conscious sounds was the highlight for me ! I didn't want anyone to clap & i'm sure there were enough of us in the room who agreed on that - sadly someone got up to leave & so the applause came.

I finally got (thanks Richard) a copy of 'wedding ceremony' on Cathnor too:

Julia Eckhardt, Toshimaru Nakamura, Taku Sugimoto, Lucio Capece, Radu Malfatti, Christian Kersten - 'Wedding ceremony' (cathnor cath007)

I'd heard this cd a few times already & so putting it into my cd player at home I thought I knew what I was going to hear. Well, to some degree that was true but there was also something more: the calm & clear, familiar space of my home allowed me to let even more of this music to unfold. The sounds of the street outside + as in the end of the performance mentioned above, the sound of the space itself all combined to offer up layers of both immediate appeal & a Furuya-esque sense of respectful call to listen more.

I won't attempt a full review here. The best thing I can say is that this is a release that I will need a lot of time to listen & listen again to. I look forward to that.

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