Saturday, 20 June 2009

new release

the . point engraved series:

eg.pcd001: tierce - Daniel Jones / Ivan Palacky / Jez riley French

*8cm cdr on printed postcard / in plastic sleeve*

recorded @ seeds & bridges (afternoon)

Limited edition of 55 copies.

Daniel Jones - e-guitar, turntable, electronics, objects.

Ivan Palacky - dopleta 160 knitting machine

Jez riley French - guzheng, zither, field recordings, objects

prices (inc p&p)

review from 'just outside' (Brian Olewnick):

'I'm increasingly at a loss for things to say about work like this, especially when I enjoy it, which I very much do in this case. Descriptions are inevitably feeble but simply observing that it somehow conjures up a situation, a place, a real or imagined environment and does so convincingly doesn't do justice either. I will say the trio (Jones, guitar, turntable, contact mic, objects, mixer; Palacky, Dopleta 180 amplified knitting machine (!); French, field recordings, guzheng, zither, objects) strike a delicate balance, managing to capture something of a field recording feel in their improvisations (certain taps, for instance, evoking the naturally irregular rhythms of water drops), that the performance tumbles along like a quiet stream over a complex bed. It's really, really good (a 3", by the way) and you should hear it'


forthcoming . point engraved releases include discs by:

Kiyoshi Mizutani
Tim Parkinson
Thomas Smetryns
Patrick Farmer
Matt Davis
Matt Sansom
Dallas Simpson
Eric Cordier
& more....

each release will be a highly limited edition.

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