Friday, 30 May 2008

new release of note: Daniel Jones & David Papapostolou

Daniel Jones & David Papapostolou - 'Leaving room' (adjacent recordings)

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Daniel on a few occasions now & seeing him perform a couple of great solo live sets too. To my mind he's one of the most interesting young players in the UK right now.

David I have only heard on record - his 'one and two' cd is worth checking out. That disc features guitar, cello & sax - however in recent months he has concentrated on mixing desk and other electronics.

So, this first release by the duo (on David's new cd-r label) is most welcome. The 6 sections were recorded in February 2008 & one can almost hear both musicians moving forward on this recording. Daniel I feel is cutting a more instinctive path for himself, whilst David is searching for his own voice using his new approaches.

The music here is sparse, occasionaly punctured with the hard-edged tones of David's mixing desk but only once is the surface tension of the music overly distrubed. I believe there are more instruments being used by Daniel than the cover states but as usual he manages to show a restraint that is both carefully balanced and natural.

For a debut duo release this is a good start. Personally, i'm keen to hear Daniel solo & likewise I await another solo disc from David that confirms his own voice with his current set up, but here is a new label getting off to a good start !


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