Saturday, 24 May 2008

new feature on the 'in place' blog

a favourite place:

what with all the interviews with fellow artists & reviews of field recording based releases, I feel the blog is becoming too focused on the end result of what we hear that inspires or moves us. So there will be a new post series in which individuals can submit some words / an image / a sound of a favourite place - the emphasis being on describing the emotive reasons for liking the location. This post series is open to everyone - those who record & those who don't. So get in touch if you'd like to contribute - it would be great to build up a diverese range of these inspiring places !

four questions interview series:

I've been having a few interesting conversations about this series - most recently with Zoe Irvine (her interview will be up on the blog in the coming weeks) & I think it's time to look again at one of the questions. So far I like the fact that asking the same basic questions results in such different answers & overall paints an interesting picture of how different people feel about both their own practice & the questions themselves. However I think question 3 might need re-wording as it could give some the impression that there is an agenda behind it. So look out for any changes !

(the forthcoming interviews with John Grzinich, Goh Lee Kwang, Emmanuel Mieville, Yannick Dauby, Marc Namblard & Zoe Irvine were all initiated prior to any changes)

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