Friday, 20 February 2015

MicW - further tests

following on from the review of the i-mic series from MicW (read here) i'll now discuss their E150 conventional mics:

E150 matched pair
(supplied with omni, cardioid and hypercardioid capsules)

Here's a couple of extracts from the first recordings with the E150's - recorded at the docks in Ayr, Scotland, with the omni capsules. The first also includes a comparison with the DPA4060's in the same spot. As you'll hear the DPA's do sound more natural, as one would expect and of course this isn't intended as a test to see which is best - that would be unfair, especially given the differences in design and cost (a matched pair of E150's costs about the same as one 4060)

waves against the pier wall (E150's)

waves against the pier wall, with helicopter ! (DPA4060's)

The E150's are certainly punchy ! very sensitive and one needs to choose carefully the situations where they work best. On this source, strong waves, they perhaps have a rather 'full on' quality, overly intense probably because they are slightly top-heavy in frequency response.

next, two extract from longer recordings I made of the dock ambience from the other side of the river. Here the E150's come into their own rather more, with the tonal qualities of the recording allowing the listener to get a more rounded sense of place.

Ayr docks:

along pier towards the lighthouse / on small dunes at start of pier (E150's with omni capsules)

What these first tests appear to indicate is that, for field recording purposes, the E150's with their omni capsules fitted, are more suited to open landscapes rather than intense sound sources close up. Though I would qualify that by saying that almost all lower cost omni's are similar in this respect.

I'll add to this review with more recordings soon, including with the other capsules fitted....  

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