Wednesday, 6 February 2013

recently i've been looking into a new backpack for carrying gear on longer walks & Martin Hogg sent the following pictures & info on the Tamrac Expedition 8 - which is large enough to take a blimp & lots of other gear + a laptop:

So here’s what you can cram into the main bit of the bag. The velcro compartments are totally customisable:
the rode blimp (NT4 inside)
Marantz PMD661
Edirol R-09
Rycote fluffy and pistol grip
DPA 4061 kit 
AT897 mic
(i’ve had a tiny tripod in here before too, at the same time)

The bag is meant to take enormous heavy camera lenses so is built like a tank but relatively light weight. I walked miles and miles around sweden with it full of this kit and although heavy when full it’s extremely comfy for long hikes. Very waterproof also.

zipped sections on the inside of the lid fit all contacts/hydros and spare cable etc.

two outside pockets have a number of small pouches which i keep all adapters, spare batteries, spare HD cards, notebook etc etc

There’s a space here for tripods/boompoles but the boom pole will NOT be allowed as hand luggage (i stashed mine in the other luggage with clothes for a trip and unpacked it on arrival).

Martin Hogg 
Twitter is @acoustic_baffle

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