Thursday, 27 September 2012

just received for testing:

Lisn parabolic dish & microphone (japanese design). Appears to be close in design to the Telinga systems, with a smaller, deeper curved dish - nice padded carry case - comes with a 3.5mm jack for plug in power + a separate small box for converting to XLR etc.

will be testing this over the coming weeks. Price for UK & European customers is still to be fully confirmed but in Japan it's has a low-ish retail price in comparison to other proper parabolic systems.


Colin Hunter said...

Sounds interesting. There's definitely room in the markey for a more afordable parabolic dish. I'll be looking forward to hearing your feedback as to how it fairs.

Calandrella said...

Jez, have you tested the Lisn parabolic microphone? Is this product always on the market? I'm not able to find it with Google search.

Jez riley French said...

yes - i've been using it for awhile now, both with its own small dish & in a larger Telinga dish - which improves it somewhat. I've not updated this post because currently its more or less not available here in Europe as they signed a deal with a US based distributor who, being frank, seems determined not to actually reply to any enquiries or make it available widely. As for the unit - its ok & is like a mini version of a telinga. Sound wise - good, perhaps a bit 'thinner' sounding than a telinga.