Monday, 27 August 2012


After a long cold winter at The WIRED Lab we are always happy to welcome the warmth and sonic shifts that comes with Spring. This Spring will also bring much intent listening as we will be joined by seasoned UK based artist Jez Riley-French. A composer, musician, visual artist and listener, for the past three decades Riley-French has employed intuitive composition, field recording, improvisation and photography to explore his enjoyment of detail, simplicity and response to place(s).
Alongside solo performances and exhibitions Riley-French collaborates with other artists, runs the ‘in place’ project on field recording – a subject on which he also lectures, organizes the‘seeds and bridges’ event series and runs the ‘engraved glass’ label.
In recent years Riley-French has been working extensively on recordings of surfaces, man-made and natural architectural spaces for the ‘….audible silence’ project and has been developing the concept of photographic scores. His work has been performed, exhibited and published widely. He is also a noted ‘go to’ guy for his custom built hydrophones and contact microphones which are used by sound artists and musicians from around the world.

During Riley-French’s residency he will be collaborating with Wired Lab member David Burraston to present a 2 day ‘Scores for Listening’ workshop. This workshop  will include:

- extended field recording and composition techniques to natural soundscape and acoustic ecology recording.

- Opportunity to build and work with your own piezo contact microphone, along with discussion about working with hydrophones, ultrasonic detectors, coil pickups & transducers

- Making durational recordings and composing with environments.

- Insights into micro-listening and a closer relationship with environments through extended & focused listening

-  Illustrated, informal talks by Jez Riley French and David Burraston about their work in recent years and at The Wired Lab

WHEN: Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th September

For more information & EOI forms please email:



The WIRED AR Scheme provides financial assistance for emerging and mid career artists from around Australia to attend WIRED Lab workshops and initiatives. For the ‘Scores for Listening’ workshop The WIRED Lab will be offering funding support to assist 10-15 artists with the costs to attend the workshop. Artists who consider themselves to be ‘emerging’ or ‘mid career’ are invited to submit a brief expression of interest (EOI) detailing their arts practice and how they feel they will benefit from being a WIRED ARS participant.

On your EOI please cite the cost of your return travel to/from Cootamundra NSW and keep your EOI to 1 A4 page. Also note that we don’t follow the standard age determined definitions of ‘emerging’ we expect you to determine where you place your practice and experience. Musicians and Interdisciplinary artists are encouraged to apply.

WIRED ARS and our residency programs are supported by the Federal Government through Australia Council for the Arts, and the NSW Government through Arts NSW.

WIRED EARS expressions of interest are due Wednesday 29th August

(places will be confirmed no later than Saturday 1st September)

To obtain an EOI form and for more information email:

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