Tuesday, 24 April 2012

'a stereophonic journey through India' by Jean-Louis Derche

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Jean-Louis Derche traveled to India in the summer of 1971 and faithfully recorded temple music in several out-of-the-way locations. Even more remarkable are his unusual recordings made in the streets of Benares, Chidambaran, Madurai, Tanjour, and Trivandrum. Listen to the sounds of rickshas, a walk down a narrow street, craftsmen hammering metal, and the timeless flow of the Ganges River. His companion, photographer Monique Sidi, provided illustrations of the journey, for use in the September 1972 KPFA Folio. Mr. Derche, a computer scientist in Berkeley at the time of this KPFA production in 1972, has since disappeared from sight. This was his first and only known radio project.

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