Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Vertikale Skift | Terje Paulsen & Ákos Garai
GrDl 093 | Gruen Digital
MP3 & lossless FLAC

Vertikale Skift, composed by Terje Paulsen (Norway) and Ákos Garai (Hungary), guides the listener through a series of alluring sound environments, ranging from discretely layered drones that highlight upon faint listening spectrums into dense tapestries of sound divulging complex layers of sonic interplay. The environmental aspects assoicated with these recordings are quite evident, however, the content also reflects a definite sense of intent, as the compositions are further processed and arranged in such a manner whereby the result is an all-encompasing listening enviroment. With that said, there’s an inherent sense of momentum and dynamic to the recordings that comprise Vertikale Skift, making it one of the more unique sound-based release I’ve heard in some time and a release not to be missed!

Christopher McFall / May 2011

01 Skisse 8 (Paulsen) 4:42
02 Waterworks I (Garai) 3:57
03 Waterworks II (Garai) 5:33
04 Skisse 9 (Paulsen) 6:50
05 Skisse 10 (Paulsen) 6:11

06 Waterworks III (Garai) 9:06
07 Skisse 11 (Paulsen) 7:09
08 Skisse 12 (Paulsen) 3:30

09 Waterworks IV (Garai) 8:32

09 Tracks (55′34″)

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