Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Water Beetles of Pollardstown Fen by Tom Lawrence
10 Tracks (70:46)
CD (500 copies)


What is presented in this CD is a very alien world, a hitherto unheard
aural environment that breaks with all our preconceived notions of
what underwater life should sound like. All our traditional
conceptions and inherent cultural conditioning are overwritten, deemed
void and deleted. The work contained in this CD redefines our notions
of underwater life and presents a world of alarming sophisticated
communication; a myriad of signal generation, perpetuated by a
plethora of intelligent species. In this booklet, Pollardstown Fen and
the mechanics of insect stridulation are examined before an
explanation of the contexts of the sound recordings and the
methodologies employed are discussed. While every attempt at
comparative analysis, spectral analysis and species identification
from the known literature have been made, a certain interpretive
license has been used in suggesting the meaning of the sounds
recorded. Without doubt, further detailed investigations are necessary
to be convinced with scientific certainty the meaning and context of
each communication. Another consideration is that no mechanical
devices were operating on the Fen during the period that these
recordings were made. The recordings are not contaminated by any
electrical interference. Other than an occasional overhead aircraft,
no other sounds from above the water are present in the recordings.

Field Recording Series by Gruenrekorder, Germany, 2011

Ultrasonic Scapes by Eisuke Yanagisawa
10 Tracks (35:06)
CD-R (50 copies)


Buzzing of cicadas, pulses of bats, repeated beats from automatic
gate, drone sounds from street lights…We usually don´t hear but so
many ultrasonic sounds are emitted on the street as well as in nature.
Some are intense, continuous and harsh others are pulsing, fragmentary
and more harmonious. This is another soundscape documentary beyond our
audible range. All ultrasonic sounds were captured and real time
converted by bat detector. All tracks are unprocessed except for a
little amplification.

Field Recording Series by Gruenrekorder, Germany, 2011

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