Saturday, 19 March 2011

Binaural / Nodar presents:

Sound Map of the Paiva River

In the context of Paivascapes #1 – Paiva River Sound Festival, a sound mapping project of one of the cleanest rivers in Europe, the Paiva river in northern Portugal, was developed in collaboration with several primary and secondary schools from this rural region. The project lasted over one year and followed a simple but effective principle (so we think) : those kids who know and live in each territory are in good position to grasp its most detailed aspects. The project only provided some additional tools, concepts and perspectives for them to recognize and give value to the land and communities they already know. The project also aimed to stress the subjective and emotional aspects of the connection with territory, namely through a series of improvisations with landscape elements.

Some data:

96 sound files – 96 geographic locations along 112 kilometers / 69.59 miles of this Portuguese river
Over five hours of recorded sounds
Sounds recorded by 35 participants (either Binaural/Nodar’s team and students) from 9 to 42 years old
Sounds divided in four categories: soundscapes | oral heritage | sounds of work | music tradition
Sounds recorded with stereo, shotgun, parabolic, lavalier and hydrophone mics

Original idea and coordinator: Luís Costa
Technical assistance: Rui Costa and Duncan Whitley
Production and photo documentation: Carina Martins
Production assistance Ana Fernandes

Here is the link to the sound map:

Additional information on the re
cordings (what, when, who, how) and a Portuguese version of the map will soon be included.

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