Wednesday, 1 December 2010

new release on mystery sea

colin andrew sheffield "slowly"

colin andrew sheffield is mostly a sound re-contextualizer & re-interpreter, and also a self-taught Seattle based, after initial first exercises in Texas with various combos, he quickly veered to electronic music...
Starting with the sole manipulation of digital fragments, he went over to a rather unique use of recombined selected tiny excerpts of commercially available recordings...the aim of this method is to reach the essence of the source & retranslate it into new forms of finely-shaded art of supreme polished audio-collage & recycling...
colin andrew sheffield is the curator of the always excellent Elevator Bath label, through which he has besides released some of his own solo works... he has also been published by Invisible Birds...

Attracted upstream,
along a terraced progress...
seeking through elevation,
sensing a vibrant pulse,
the blazing light rays...
declining & reliving...

Reaching another improbable place to float in,
where things are ever lingering,
never mute or lacklustre,
but always in motion,
spiralling towards,
swirling round & round...

"Slowly" is like a wish to vanish
in some fundamental precipitate,
the display of an infinity of figures,
various reconfigurations,
and of so many ways to improve...

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cd-r ltd to 120 numbered copies
artwork + design + treatments by Daniel Crokaert /2010- sole source material/photo insert by matthew swiezynski

track listing

1. mp3 excerpt
3. mp3 excerpt



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