Wednesday, 1 September 2010

new release on mystery sea:

Blindhæð "Laguna Sunrise"

Behind Blindhæð hides S/, a belgian sound composter & distiller...his creations based on field recordings, various electronic treatments & manipulations, and an amalgam of both, show a sheer depth & multidimensionality through detailed textural & spatial developments. With only a downloadable compilation on Ruidemos, and a vinyl on Ini.itu, whose lenghty titles give away a love for "terracing", recontextualization, and a consummate art of a story into a story, Blindhæð has already achieved to build a cohesive singular complex universe where Mystery is omnipresent... a negation of all easy short cuts, and a yearning for a refined sense of aesthetic, permanently supported by perceptive observation & empiric practice...
Blindhæð transforms his intimate world into a vulnerable pregnant sound experience...

Swallowed up into the strata,
Dragged by some distant memories,
aware of their driving force,
small debris uncoil their tales...

Wood is cracking,
Low ground is breathing,
Various modulations of an invisible constant...

Scrutinizing beyond,
"Laguna Sunrise" exhales life, disrupting time,
illuminating the moments,
the bareness of a shore,
the slightest cracks,
in a festival of shimmers...


cd-r ltd to 100 numbered copies
artwork + design + treatments by Daniel Crokaert - supervision, source material & photo insert : S/

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