Monday, 22 March 2010

new label - new release

a fine new label '3leaves' has just issued a very nice cd by Lasse-Marc Riek. Listening to this subtle & quiet work reminds one of the simplicity with which nature creates such detailed and inspiring music for us to explore. I can strongly recommend this disc:

Lasse-Marc Riek / HABITATS

150 copies, CD-R, 3L002, 2010

The work at hand, "Habitats", deals with habitats, areas and living spaces. In this particular case, these spaces were created from a pool of acoustic field recordings I realised while in Finland in Spring of 2007. Over the course of the past year, I have, for various reasons, increasingly been absorbed by the sounds emited by nature. The piece researches the interplay between natural elements on the one hand and passages I arranged at a later stage on the other. It deals with directional hearing and of course with the vast array of bird voices - as well as the silence one can detect in between all of these different sound sources.

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