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Field Notes # 2 - free pdf download magazine from Gruenrekorder

Field Notes # 2 - 'Listening, Documenting'


The second issue – published in December 2009 – features an interview with the passionate phonographer Walter Tilgner, the second and final part of Stefan Militzer’s essay about “Tones, Sounds and Noises,” a collection of old Chinese texts regarding silence and noise – compiled by sound artist Lin Chi-Wei –, anecdotes by Yannick Dauby regarding his recording and hearing experiences with frogs as well as thoughts and reports based on Gabi Schaffner’s personal experiences with accidentally deleted or never recorded sounds from Finland. The magazine closes with an essay of the componist and sound artist Andreas Bick regarding the construction of meaningful correlations when listening – “listening is making sense.”

1. Gabi Schaffner: The Madness of the Documentarist
2. Walter Tilgner interviewt von Marcus Kürten: The Nature-Sound Artist
3. Stefan Militzer: Tones, Sounds & Noises – Part 2: Policy of Sound
4. Yannick Dauby: Frogtales
5. Lin Chi-Wei: 2 Stories about Silence, 2 Stories about Noise
6. Andreas Bick: Listening is Making Sense

Field Notes is a bi-lingual magazine published by the German label Gruenrekorder, edited by Daniel Knef and Lasse-Marc Riek. Generally speaking the magazine is concerned with the phenomenon of sound from the most varied perspectives: artists, scientists and sound researchers add to Field Notes with their essays, interviews, travelogues, anecdotes, notes and picture series.


New release on Gruenrekorder:

Ben Owens - 'two'


...listening underwater...

1. soft magnetic se 00´40

2. n2 - tide 07´23

3. atlantic jetty - s n-1 07´20

4. atlantic jetty - s n-2 03´26

5. gowanus-1 10´01

6. gowanus-2 09´50

'a friend once commented how many of my recordings are from a perspective up close. for me it is this perspective that I return to and find is important, an audible view of a situation – in this case a continuous event – that is not readily audible, or at least is greatly enhanced through amplification from the contact mic surface. for this release movement of water in two forms become the basis of exploration. one active one passive. each revealing some inherent noise, compression, hum and tension of existence'

1-4 recorded on the coast of jacob riis park, far rockaway, queens ny. 20060910

5-6 recorded from the carroll street bridge, gowanus canal, brooklyn ny. 20060911

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