Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Paulo Raposo & Joao Silva - 'book of hours'

Paulo & Joao's project 'Book of Hours' is now published by Touch and available online here

Book of Hours
Paulo Raposo João Silva

w/guest: Carlos Santos

Recorded 12.12.08Dome of the National Pantheon, Lisbon

João Silva: crystal bowlPaulo Raposo: space multi-channel diffusion and real-time processingCarlos Santos: glass and bell

"Book of Hours" was recorded in the remarkable baroque central dome of the National Pantheon in Lisbon.

The musicians (and the audience) were 40 meters above ground level on a narrow circular balcony looking out over the abyss. The main sound source was a crystal bowl, played by João Silva, which was struck and resonated with a stick. Paulo Raposo processed these sounds and diffused them throughout the space via 6 channels, 4 of which were small self-powered speakers, arranged symetrically around the circumference of the dome. Carlos Santos also moved throughout the space and the audience with a small glass and a Tibetan bell.

The sonic interactions in "Book of Hours" aimed to reveal the inherently active qualities of the space, itself a performer in this acoustic dialog.

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