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new release: David Dunn / Patrick Farmer / Sarah Hughes

compost and height : ch006

David Dunn Patrick Farmer & Sarah Hughes

David Dunn: Western Harvester Ants
Unprocessed field recording.

Patrick Farmer & Sarah Hughes: Is
Unprocessed field recording.

David Dunn:
"David Dunn is at once an ecologist, a philosopher, a member of the 'new science', a performer, an integrator of human values with technological ones, and an artist… But simply said: David is a composer; ---to be sure a composer of 'music', and the 'musical'. But more significantly, David is a composer as in 'making', 'searching', `exploring', 'finding', 'synthesizing', 'questioning'. Yes, endless questioning. He strives, (as certain others do), to not box things in; to not assume that so-called "areas", "disciplines", (e.g., as between music and linguistics), can be bounded as-if they signify mutually-exclusive domains. Contrarily, his works, thinkings, makings, et alia, exhibit diverse formations of 'wholeness', and beauty, thereby penetrating certain current theories of complexity. Above all, (at least in the cognitive domain, ---but also quite perceivable elsewhere---) his work, (his life?), has to do with the implicit connectedness of matter." Kenneth Gaburo

Western Harvester Ants: Two forms of sound making have been well documented in ants:drumming against substratum and stridulation using specialised organs adapted for this purpose. The resultant sounds appear to serve four particular functions: alarm, recruitment, termination of mating by females, and modulation of other communication (usually chemical) and forms of behaviour. Ants stridulate with the hindmost body section, the gaster, which sports a ridged patch that rubs against a neighbouring file-like edge. When the gaster is raised and lowered, it produces a stridulatory chirp from the scraping action.

Patrick Farmer & Sarah Hughes:
Is: Black-headed Gulls and Mallards. Under and above water environments. A transition/transitory area between two adjacent ecological communities. Ecotone.

A contact mic/hydrophone recording made on a frozen lake in Oakmere Park, Potters Bar, on 31.12.08. at 8:30 am

Patrick Farmer:

Sarah Hughes:

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