Monday, 24 November 2008


Just back from a week in Zlin (Czech republic) appearing at the Mixer festival - run by students from the Thomas Bata University.

First impressions of Zlin aren't promising but spend a couple of days there & you'll soon find countless architectural gems. The city was more or less built by the Bata company as a factory town & the functionalist architecture is stunning.

Many of the old shoe factories are given over to small shops & most have empty floors that one can wander around recording. Of particular interest is building 21, designed by the great Czech architect Vladimir Karfik. This was the Bata company headquarters in Zlin & Bata's office is a standout feature. Basically it's a large square room with Zlinolium flooring & wood as far as the eye can see. A large desk & a wash basin in the corner - but the suprise is that the doors close & the whole office is basically a lift ! fantastic.

anyway, I could waffle on for ages but instead here are some pictures:

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